eq school

eq-school™ and eq-center™

Emotional competence, leadership and self-leadership for children, youngsters and their parents.

You should not become someone else – instead you should become more of what you already are – it means to preserve and build authenticity!

We will build the first EQ-school in the world. Think Global EQ-School! Think empowerment of the school!

We will create an academy that offers the world’s best programs with emotional competence combined with leadership and self-leadership for the contemporary and future human who will act local and global as well as in constant change.

We have managed a pilot with all staff at Vasaskolan in Danderyd (Stockholm). All staff embraced the same education and leadership development program.

Business idea
We offer in a global context emotional competence, leadership and self-leadership for children, youngsters and adults within the elementary school, as workshops for parents and processes for future leaders in e.g. “revolutionary countries” and their future democracy development. We will create an EQ-academy.

We see emotional competence (EQ) as an important platform within leadership and self-leadership.

Our objective is to create inter-human-sustainability. It is central to include processes for self-knowledge and to develop ones EQ. We will train how you can develop your interaction with others, even with those who not yet know her authentic self. Children have a naturalness to be authentic while this competence among adults may have weakened. To see your-self as a part together with other humans without hierarchy is central. Together we will train your ability to interact with all people. We offer programs for growth. The result will be inter-human-sustainability.

The UN Declaration of Human Rights and CRC are central.

Experiential learning, learning multimodal and collaborative learning are central in our pedagogic. Our methods and tools are evidence-based or based on proven experience.

The WVS Cultural Map of the World by Ronald Inglehart and Chris Welzel as well as Myths about the so-called ”developing countries” by Hans Rosling are important sources of inspiration.

We want to show that future competence includes people who want to be creative, value-based, vision oriented, opportunity driven, competence-mixed, networking and “career rebellious”.

Contact: hans@enzen.se eller +46 (0)70-827 24 79.